Northern New Mexico

Life on the road…..

HELLOOO New Mexico!
So I finally managed to tear myself away from Colorado. I Absolutely loved it and if it weren’t so cold in the winter, I could live there.

The RV resort near Pueblo was right next to a huge pasture that had 2 horses in it. The cool thing about the horses was that they would race with me down the fence line when I was riding my bike. If I walked over and tried to call them, they would just ignore me. But when I showed up on my bike, they would come trotting over and stand waiting for me to take off. One even stomped the ground as if to encourage me to GET GOING! Picture if you will……a 60 year old man racing down a fence line on a bike in the company of 2 horses…Quite entertaining for my fellow campers. Now I’m no “Horse Whisperer” but I think we made quite a connection .

After spending a few days in the Pueblo area and enjoying Lake Pueblo, I moved south to Mt. Blanca and the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The dunes are the tallest in North America rising 750 feet above the floor of the San Luis Valley and covering 19,000 acres. After trudging to the top of the dunes (finally getting used to the thin air) I made my way up the side of the mountain bordering the dunes. It was here that I was inspired to give myself an Indian name….”Ho’ëvâhtamëhnęstse”…..I don’t have a clue how you pronounce it, but the Cheyenne meaning is “Earth Walker”. I know what you’re thinking….Must be the “Rocky Mountain High”. But I have logged many, many miles hiking since this adventure began and I think it is a fitting tribute to my efforts.

OK, campground challenges…..The Blanca RV resort….if you could call it that, was right next to the 2 lane highway that goes through the mountains. No problem, I’ve camped next to the highway and been all right. The problem was, the big 18 wheelers coming down the mountain use what is called an “exhaust brake” to slow them down. Most towns that I travel through in the mountains have signs prohibiting the use of this braking method through their town because it is so very loud…..Not Blanca…..Those trucks would hit that brake about 500 feet up the road and ride it right past my window. Oh well… problem….I love being on the road…..I can handle it…..Oh wait!…..what the hell is THAT sound!… seems that the other side of this little hole in the road RV resort is bordered by a train track with a conductor who just loves blowing that God forsaken horn all the way through town…..We’re talking so close the ground rumbles as the train goes roaring by….I’m watching the cords on the mini blinds do what appears to be a tango…..Fortunately this only happened twice a day….unfortunately one of those times was 5:00AM. Oh well…I love being on the road….right?…..ARGH…

Travel Trailer woes…The road has been tough on my 22 year old “home”. The water heater started leaking and it keeps getting worse. Fortunately, the water is running out the bottom near the wall and not getting inside. I am now down to turning on the water only when necessary….and no hot water. Of course being up in the mountains the nightly temperatures are in the mid 40’s so the walk to the camp shower and back is quite invigorating. I ordered a new electric water heater (changing out the gas heater) and I am having it sent to the RV resort where I will being staying on Route 66 in Arizona, but that’s another week away…Oh well…..I love being on the road…right? Also, the old girl seems to be settling some on her frame…she might be turning into a “Low rider”.

I am now in Questa, New Mexico and the trout fishing is awesome (see pic). I was only planning to stay for 3 days but I’m going to spend a week….or more. The scenery is fantastic and I’m camped next to the Red River…’s cold in the mornings (mid 40’s) but mid to upper 70’s during the day and almost zero humidity (we’re at over 7,700 feet). Also, the coyotes and other wildlife is kinda neat to listen to at night….and my neighbors claim there is a black bear who likes to visit the campground occasionally. Maybe I’ll get to meet him.

Did I mention…..I Love being on the road!…

The Adventure Continues…….

6 Responses to Northern New Mexico

  1. Avatar Kim Zeigler
    Kim Zeigler says:

    Amazing dad keep the pics coming!!

  2. Avatar Nerissa McClung
    Nerissa McClung says:

    Living thru you daddy!!!

  3. Avatar Janet Leigh Gary Lynn
    Janet Leigh Gary Lynn says:

    Awesome keep savoring the gold moments ! Absolutely love the blogs. Tell next time Happy Trails:)

  4. Avatar David McClung
    David McClung says:

    Well I respect the Cheyenne and now understand how their code helped to win the war. I’d just stick with Earth Walker smile emoticon. Keep on truckin!

  5. Avatar Kimberly S. Mirpuri
    Kimberly S. Mirpuri says:

    LOVE reading all your adventures!!

  6. Avatar Juliann Pick Reynolds
    Juliann Pick Reynolds says:

    What an adventure