Dodge City

Life on the road…..

Today we learn the meaning of “contrast”. The first 2 photos show the RV park where I spent the weekend. It was by far the most beautiful campground I have been to so far. The weekend featured a kids jamboree with a kids fishing tournament, hot dogs on all the grills, pizza in the clubhouse, kids karaoke on the big outdoor stage and movies after dark on the big screen. It was almost better than kayak fishing… I am after all, a man who loved raising his kids and it was great to be able to just hang out and enjoy all the activity. There were meals in the clubhouse for all the adults that included “make your own” wraps and taco salad Friday night for $7 including drinks to “pot luck” Saturday (FREE) to Sunday morning Breakfast that included everything you would expect of a Sunday morning breakfast in the country for another $7. All this and some of the friendliest people you would ever want to meet………$14.00 per night….that’s right! I paid only $14.00 per night for full hookups and pretty decent WI-FI. Gotta Love It!

I am now in Dodge City and although there are many things waiting to be seen here including “Boot Hill” and what looks to be another great museum, the other 2 photos show the view from my “window to the world”. I am across the highway from 2 processing plants that “PROCESS”……12,000 cows per day. OH, and did I mention the smell! …..$18.50 per night….It’s OK, Thursday I head to what National Geographic rates as one of the top 50 state parks in the country….Looks like some great kayaking……

The Adventure Continues………

7 Responses to Dodge City

  1. Avatar Starloe Galletta
    Starloe Galletta says:

    Are you on hw 50? Lol

  2. Avatar Janet Leigh Gary Lynn
    Janet Leigh Gary Lynn says:

    What a contrast! Oh well has a way of making you really appreciate the good even more.

  3. Avatar David McClung
    David McClung says:

    Can’t beat a weekend like that! Onward……

  4. Avatar Dennis McClung
    Dennis McClung says:

    I decided to take your advise and go to the state park…it’s a little further away and I have to take a site with no sewer hookup but it has a lot more to offer…..heading there Thursday morning…

  5. Avatar Kim Zeigler
    Kim Zeigler says:

    Just hurry up and get your sight seeing done… And head this way!! It’s only 30-45 minutes away…

  6. Avatar Kim Zeigler
    Kim Zeigler says:

    I warned you about the smell!!!!

  7. Avatar Starloe Galletta
    Starloe Galletta says:

    If you are headed to Montana or Wyoming to get to Yellowstone, there is a road you DO not want to take in an RV… If you are on hw 50 which i am almost certain you are:0) from prior trip, the other road across Kansas has wheat and sunflowers…. But 50 is great once you leave Kansas