More From Kansas

Life on the road……

Hey Kansas……what’s the story? 3 more skunk sightings this morning while riding my bike into Halstead……I guess they like whatever it is you’re growing in those huge fields…I did get a couple of pretty good pics of a deer when I stopped along the road and wandered into a wooded area. Now that I’ve celebrated 60 years of living on the planet, I have to wander into the woods a little more often…..

The lizard photo is from Oklahoma.

The Adventure Continues…..

5 Responses to More From Kansas

  1. Avatar Alison Godden
    Alison Godden says:

    Happy birthday! You are celebrating 60, we are only 10 years behind celebrating our half century touring Asia.

  2. Avatar Ronda Mccarrick
    Ronda Mccarrick says:

    Happy belated birthday we are getting old Dennis!

  3. Avatar Janet Leigh Gary Lynn
    Janet Leigh Gary Lynn says:

    Love your blogs!

  4. Avatar David McClung
    David McClung says:

    Keep the pics coming!