Finally Made It To Kansas!

Well, I finally made it into Kansas. Kim Zeigler….. I took yesterday off because of rain and just hung out. Bartlesville, Oklahoma and the Riverside RV Resort was certainly a big improvement over the last couple of places. Pool, nice clean laundry room perfect WI-FI, challenging biking trails…..and it was only $15 per night. My “bedroom” window looked down on the river under some shade trees and it was very soothing to go to sleep and wake up to the sound of the flowing water. I am now just north of Wichita staying at the largest RV resort in Kansas. Next stop….Dodge City….But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma is the home of the late Frank Philips, founder of Phillips Petroleum. While there I visited the Woolaroc Ranch, Museum and Wildlife preserve (3700 acres), created by Mr. Phillips. The Museum is home to one of the most outstanding western art collections in the world and it was awesome. They even had a working teepee village set up where I got to shoot an old flint lock rifle. I pinged the target on my first attempt. Didn’t do so well with the hatchet toss though. If you are into the whole cowboys and Indians thing, this is a place you do not want to miss. On the preserve I saw buffalo, elk, deer, water buffalo and even something called a zorse, which a cross between a zebra and a horse. You can check it out at

During my stay in Bartlesville I met an old guy (82) whose “claim to fame” is spending “well over 1 million dollars” to create an old western town on his property. He and a friend spent over 30 years building all the buildings by hand. There are 27 buildings in all. The place is called Prairie Song and he gave me my own private tour…..only because I was willing to meet him at “sunup”. I have included some pictures but they do not do it justice. The place was like taking a time machine back to the 1880’s. Now the interesting thing about this “private tour” turned out to be that the guy was looking for a live on site care taker and thought he could “corral” me into taking the position. So….My first question…..How cold does it get in the winter? His answer…..It’s not the cold so much as the north wind coming off the prairie. The wind chills can be brutal…..I told him I’d “think on it a spell”. He really was an interesting guy and we had a great time hanging out looking at all his cool stuff. Visit to check it out.

All in all it was the best stop so far. The town is very clean and the people are quite friendly. I liked it a lot…..just not enough to winter there as the caretaker of an old western town….

The adventure continues….

The Zorse
The Zorse

Woolaroc  Museum Entrance
Woolaroc Museum Entrance

4 Responses to Finally Made It To Kansas!

  1. Avatar Kim Zeigler
    Kim Zeigler says:

    Just wait till you get a whiff of Garden City’s claim to fame…. Oh and let your granddaughter tell you about the semis full of dead cows going down the high way with their hooves in the air!!! Yeahaw!!!

  2. Avatar Ronda Mccarrick
    Ronda Mccarrick says:

    My favorite time .

  3. Avatar David McClung
    David McClung says:

    Man your having a great time! Sounds like a pretty laid back job but those wind cholls would be brutal. Keep on truckin Cuz!

  4. Avatar Damir Glavin
    Damir Glavin says:

    this is very nice