Week 5 Northern Louisiana

Life on the Road!….

Today I left Mississippi and headed into Northern Louisiana. I somehow managed to get lost in Baton Rouge looking for US190. While I was parked near the Mississippi River trying to convince the voice in my GPS that I did not want to go where it was sending me (always good to have someone to talk to when you’re on the road alone), a nicely dressed “homeless” man hit me up for 2 bucks to put in the collection plate at church……hmmmm…..that’s a new one…..

As I begin my 5th week on the road I have discovered something interesting about myself and being alone. My first week I didn’t really care about interacting with my fellow campers, just wanted to experience the solitude. Now, I actually go introduce myself and carry on a conversation with the people around me. While at the campground in Mississippi, the woman who was parked across from me spent nearly an entire afternoon telling me her whole life story….it was not pretty…oh well…..back to the solitude.

The Mississippi campground didn’t have the nice nature setting that I had at Bass Haven on Juniper lake. I went from 665 acres of awesome fishing and kayaking to the photo you see below. Although there are fish in this little pond, I didn’t go looking for a trophy Bluegill. The other photos are just a sampling of the MANY photos I’m taking.
Tomorrow I will take a tour of Natchitoches, LA which is the oldest settlement in Louisiana. The woman who checked me into the campground tells me there is a hardware store in the town that has been in business for over 100 years…..I hope they have really old guys sitting around spitting into buckets.

So I am here for just a couple of days before I head into Texas and what promises to be another great fishing and kayaking lake…..and it’s only $10 a night with my Passport America discount!…..

The adventure continues……

Pond at Hancock RV Park
Pond at Hancock RV Park

8 Responses to Week 5 Northern Louisiana

  1. Avatar Rosemary Fleck
    Rosemary Fleck says:

    All these years of working your ass off. So nice you can do what ever you want to do

  2. Avatar Chandler McClung
    Chandler McClung says:

    You’re the coolest guy I know. Miss you terribly.

  3. Avatar David McClung
    David McClung says:

    Traveling, camping, meeting new people and having a great time. What else can one ask for.

  4. Avatar Starloe Galletta
    Starloe Galletta says:

    I would question the oldest settlement… Lol… Would have to pre-date 1697 or so…

  5. Avatar Kim Zeigler
    Kim Zeigler says:

    I’m glad your having an amazing adventure !!

  6. Avatar Dolly Young
    Dolly Young says:

    Dennis, I think you can consider a career as av writer! I am enjoying reading of your adventures