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While visiting New Smyrna Beach recently, I came across these railroad cars with some interesting graffiti. Check out the gallery here!

The Cortez Fish Festival is an annual event that takes place in the sleepy little fishing village just south of Tampa, FL. I shot this gallery while attending the event this year. Check out the gallery here!

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This is one of my favorite galleries. A beautiful pair of Sandhill Cranes having a "quicky" right after sunrise.

When I first came upon this group I thought I was looking at a long snake. As I got closer, it wasn't a snake I was looking at!

With water levels so low, An island was created in the middle of the river. Some pretty big gators found it to be a great place to enjoy the sun.

Some early spring flowers.

A great gallery of spider webs in the grass flats. The early morning dew collects on the webs creating the effect.

A short gallery of turkey photos from chick to adult.

A family of spoonbills digging for breakfast. Very beautiful birds!

Some awesome photos of a giant thistle with a sunrise background. The last photo in this collection was shot at the same time with the sun at my back!

Vultures are outnumbered only by the mosquitos at the park. In this next gallery you'll see that they're not all homely looking creatures.

In this Gallery I got to the park well before sunrise to shoot the first 4 photos. Then, after the sun started to rise I was able to shoot some incredible moonset photos.

I found this pair of Limpkins with a bunch of babies feeding along the shore. What a job it must be keeping track of all those little ones!

While walking down some old railroad tracks, I came across this family of armadillos.

If you like color, you'll love this gallery. Some really great photos of flowers around Anna Maria Island where I live.

While following this family of wild pigs through the woods, I caught a deer in the background watching me. I lost the pigs when they went into some heavy palmetto scrub.

A beautiful pair of swans enjoying a cloudy morning.



Welcome to "How I View The World".

My name is Dennis McClung and my passion is nature photography. All the photographs on My Site are shot with an Olympus E500 SLR Digital Camera. I use a variety of lenses including a Zuiko 70mm-300mm telephoto lens.

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This months gallery is quite graphic! I came upon this gator who had just taken a full size deer from the water's edge. I was standing on the bridge that crosses the river inside the park and this guy was making slow circles around and in front of a growing crowd of people. This went on for nearly an hour as he appeared to be showing off his catch. It was very sureal!

I just put together a gallery of bucks in different stages of antler growth. Some of these guys look pretty goofy.

How about something different this month!

During the 1980's I spent most of my free time sailing around Tampa Bay, Florida. Although I have owned and sailed many boats through the years, by far my favorite was the boat I built from scratch. A friend turned me on to the plans and as you will see in the photo gallery, it is a 1800's designed "Friendship Sloop" (although I altered the plans to create a cutter rig). The photos are pretty old but they still tell a great story. (Thank God for photoshop) Just click on the photo to view the entire gallery.

This bobcat was so preoccupied with a group of turkeys he didn't even notice me sneaking up on him. Once he spotted me I was so close he froze. But only for split second, then he was gone!

Check This Out!

This gator got more than He bargained for when He grabbed this plecostomus. (Tropical fish that is overtaking the lake and river) If you look closely you can see the fishing line wrapped around his upper jaw and going into his mouth.

This month's Fan Favorite!
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Most of the photographs you will see on My Site were shot at Myakka River State Park in Florida. Which is where you'll find me 2 or 3 mornings a week riding My bike along the trails in search of peace, tranquility and the occasional awesome photo.

This little guy was sleeping in the grass when I walked up on him. His mom was about 70 yards away feeding and she didn't seem to concerned with me taking pics of her baby. The little guy got up, walked aroung in a circle and layed back down right where he was. I guess his mom told him not to leave that spot!

Myakka River State Park is one of Florida's oldest and largest state parks. The "Florida Wild and Scenic Myakka River" flows through 57 square miles of wetlands, prairies and woodlands. The park is famous for its diverse wildlife. You can see alligators, deer, wild pigs and wading birds from the park drive year-round. In the winter, ducks and shorebirds feed in the shallows as bald eagles and ospreys fish from above. Sandhill cranes nest along the water's edge. Twelve miles of the Wild and Scenic River flow through the park.

It's spring in the park and Mom is teaching her youngster about the perils of crossing the road!

Not all the wildlife at the park is as ferocious as a 16 foot gator or as majestic as a wise old owl. This small but incredibly beautiful butterfly gave me a perfect pose.

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I had a tough time getting this photo. These little guys just refused to hold still and get their picture taken! Turkey vanity maybe?
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This big guy caught himself a fish for breakfast. I had a pretty big gator attack a fish that I caught while fishing one day. I was reeling it in and he actually came right up on the bank with my fish in his mouth. After laying there for about 30 seconds with me shaking his head up and down trying to dislodge the fish/hook, he made a quick twist of his head and snapped the line taking the fish and the hook! Funny thing was, he just backed into the water and waited for me to catch him another one.

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Yes.....It's Real!

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A family of ospreys took over this nest when it was abandoned by an eagle after it's mate was killed. I found the body of the eagle lying alongside the road. Probably got attacked by a rogue automobile!

Some incredible sunrise photos. The first three were shot from the north end of Anna Maria Island overlooking Tampa Bay. The rest were shot at Myakka River State Park on different mornings. Notice how the cloud cover distorted the last few!

This trio of gators must have thought I was a Hollywood agent. As I got closer they started rearing up their heads and "singing" it a very deep growling tone. Maybe they were just politely asking me to leave!

The deer seem to be thriving in the park. This photo gallery was shot on several different days during the spring. The second photo in the series features a deer that appears to be ready to give birth. ( I say this as a father who has delivered three children myself!) She was very nervous by my presence so I quietly moved along, leaving her to the task at hand.

The early morning fog creates some of the most interesting effects for shooting photos. In this gallery a wide variety of shore birds forage for breakfast.

A very young woodpecker sticks his head out of his home to have a look around and then decides to make a trip around his tree.

The only way to describe this is "surreal". If they hadn't been moving I might have had trouble believing they were real!

Bougainvillea in full bloom after a spring rain.

This diverse group of shore birds were gathered for a community breakfast. Notice the gators swimming among them. Seems odd since these birds are on their breakfast menu!

This Snowy Egret caught me watching him and decided to put on a little show!

Butterflies and Dragonflies are the theme for this gallery. Check out the two that are joined together. The smaller one was being carried around by the bigger one when they were flying!

This Otter Seemed to be posing for the Field and Stream "Hot Otter" edition!

This very unhappy gator bit off more than He could handle! Look closely at the first photo. You will see the fishing line wrapped around his upper jaw. As you make your way through the gallery you will see how He solved the problem!

In case you were wondering, that's a Placostomus (tropical fish that is taking over the lake and river) in his mouth connected to the fishing line! It's that sucker fish you see hanging on the side of aquariums.



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