• Week 3 Bass Haven RV Park

    This week was a fishing week at Juniper Lake which is located about 120 miles west of Tallahassee…..incredible bass fishing! Reported as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the south. Found an island in the middle of the lake….I could live there….in a tree house… Now I’m in Mississippi getting ready for a week of touring New Orleans and the Mississippi casinos. Don’t forget to check out all the photos by following the link above.

    Caught this guy the first night....Catch and release...:)
    Caught this guy the first night….Catch and release…:)


    Saw this little guy swimming along the lakeshore.
    Saw this little guy swimming along the lakeshore.

  • Life On The Road…..

    It was a beautiful evening.  A gentle lake breeze arrived just after nightfall to usher away the remains of a rainy day.  As darkness set in, stars began to shine one by one until the sky was filled with the light of a million stars. The sounds of the night, the big bull frogs, the night birds and the crickets were coming alive.  All of these things made me feel content. A rare feeling that provided comfort for my tired soul……

  • Week 2 Suwannee River!

    For my second week I’m staying at the “Original Suwannee River Campground”  and yes, it is very….very original.  A lot of people live here full time and everyone was quite friendly.

    suwannee river

    I didn’t even take the kayak off the truck but spent many hours riding my bike along the Nature Coast State Trail.  It used to be a railroad track but has been converted to a paved nature trail.  It goes on for 32 miles and connects 5 small towns.  It also crosses the Suwannee River via and old rebuilt trestle.

    Trestle Over The Suwannee River

    I also visited Manatee Springs State Park.  It has some very clear water that stays approximately 72 degrees year round.

    Manatee Springs

    Of course this Florida water snake made me think twice about going swimming…… :)

    Florida Water Snake






  • First Stop….Frog Creek!

    My first week on the road is being spent at Frog Creek Campground in Palmetto, Florida.  I am spending the week getting things packed and situated as well as ironing out several bugs and glitches.  After my first night I went and bought a 4″ thick memory foam pad for the mattress.  Life on the road is much more fun when you get a good nights sleep… :)

    Frog Creek

    The kayaking was excellent through Frog Creek and out into Terr Ceia Bay……Although I’m sure I’ll be growing an extra limb after the helicopter flew over and doused me with mosquito spray……What the hell is that stuff!!!!…

    Kayaking Through Terra Ceia Bay
    Little Dock On Frog Creek